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Business Portal user access is priced at $99.95 per 10 login accounts. Must license a minimum of 5 full users to qualify.

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Similar to other web-store platforms such as Shopify and BigCommere, however unlike those, Biz-Commerce is part of the suite so everything is leveraged in real time on the same database w/o duplication, i.e. Price Mgt, Promo Mgt, CRM, Inventory, Warehousing, Shipping, Fulfillment, RMAs, and much more. Supports Wordpress and Bootstrap templates.

$149 .95


  • All the features you expect from a modern online shopping-cart.
  • Multi-store, Multi-currency, Multi-warehouse ready.
  • Endlessly customizable in terms of search, filtering, and other ehnancement development you'd expect from well known (and pricier) custom solutions such as Magento.
  • No Transaction Fees (Revnue should have no bearing on how much you pay for software)!
$299 .95

Biz-Commerce Plus

Everything from Biz-Commrece with "Big Data" index storage access to deliver the highest performance available in both page rendering, search, and filtering. Ideal for sites with lots of custom fields, and / or sites with the most extreme levels of item count, and order velocity.

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Dedicated Concierge Account Manager

Technical expert with ability to constantly change, maintain, and update your site (Scripting, CSS, HTML, etc..) on a monthly basis, similar to Shopify Plus, but even more hands on.


3rd Party App Connector:

  • Connect to market-channels, and EDI value added networks (VANs).
  • Connect with 3PLs / Distributed Fulfillment Warehouses.
  • Connect to TaxJar.

Shipping Connector:

  • Works within order management and Biz-Commerce.
  • Get and compare rates from FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Canada Post.
  • Print shipping labels & tracking #s.

On-Boarding starts with establishing implementation and support perimeters (fencing off / scoping of what we’re helping you set-up, which defines what you'll use within the suite and what we will need to support) . This puts everyone on the same page in terms of what success means, and helps prevent unforeseen billable hours and run-away costs. So for example, if you don't need a module such as project management or manufacturing, then even though its included (because of our one version policy). Because we're not involved in implementing them, we spend less time and you spend less money, the very definition of charging only for what you need, which is the fairest but also most efficient and least expensive approach to on-board your business.

Biz-Commerce Implementation

There are 3 ways we can implement design templates. The cheapest approach is to use one of our existing templates (trades cost for customizability). We can also customize your hand selected bootstrap or wordpress template of which there are thousands to choose from (e.g. type "Bootstrap E-commerce template" in Google). Lastly, we can custom design one from scratch (The most expensive but also the most custom option).

What we mean by “Support”

Support means a couple of things. Firstly, that we’ll warrantee the functional areas of the suite on which you’ll be running your business (this is defined within the proposal agreement). The second aspect includes the training component. These two combined are referred to as the support perimeter.

Warrantees are offered for the life of the subscription. The training portion reflects scheduled calls and desktop-share help. This is important because every full user license gets access to the same enterprise version and all its capabilities. Therefore implementation and support commitments (and thus cost) are proportional to the things you actually use, which is the key benefit of the support perimeter.

  • Warrantee: Should you find a bug, it’s our job to fix it responsibly as follows:

    - Tier-1 Fixes: Mission critical bugs without a work-around (quite rare), have a 24 business hour turn-around.

    - Tier-2 Fixes: Non-mission critical bugs or Mission-Critical bugs that have a viable work-around, are fixed and updated on our next production build update cycle (all software companies worth their salt constantly update their wares, in our case this happens every few weeks).

  • Training: : “How to” support is provided in two ways:

    - Via 1 on 1 training which is available at a cost, via desktop share with a qualified BizAutomation consultant.

    - Via relevant documentation throughout the suite typically in a question mark link next to screen elements we feel require it, but not all sections provide this (for example we expect you to know that “+” sign means “New Record”, etc..). We do this in keeping with the KISS (keep it simple sucker) philosophy which gives most customers the most bang for their buck.

Warrantee & Training outside the Support Perimeter

Should you venture outside the agreed upon perimeter which is completely within your licensing rights to do, we’ll be there to provide support, on a paid incident and availability basis. Unlike some of our competitors that offer 24/7 support contracts on the cheap which you later find out are really just call centers trained to put you in a week long escalation queue, we will actually schedule an expert with subject matter knowledge to solve whatever problem needs solving, and for that we charge a fair price.

  • Break / Fix Warrantee: If you use a feature outside the support perimeter, and find a bug, fixing and updating commitments are not subject to Tier-1 or 2 Fix schedules but rather, will be fixed and updated at BizAutomation’s internal discretion.

  • Break / Fix Training: Sold 1 hour at a time on a scheduled desktop share basis.