Cloud ERP for the smaller SMB

What BizAutomation offers to organizations that build & assemble?

BizAutomation's discrete manufacturing capabilities are ideal for the company with "lite" manufacruring needs. MRP systems designed to run "Toyota" might look impressive, but even if you can afford them, these systems are difficult to learn, and arduous to use, particularly if all you need is to create a simple work-order queue in order to manage the behind the scene inventory complexity involed in converting a hierarchy of Bill Of Materials (BOMs) into finished goods.

If you're a manufacturer, you'll also find the following areas of our site relevant to your reserach:

MRP & Supply Chain.

Simplified work order manufacturing

(Training time, approximately 1 hour)

  • Ability to create complex Assembly / BOMs several layers deep (e.g. Assembly called “Bicycle” has 1 Frame and 2 Wheels. Each Wheel has 50 spokes, and 1 Hub. Etc…).
  • Create a discrete or sale-to-build (from a new Sales Order) Work Orders with instructions.
  • Inventory for each level (i.e. On-Hand, On-Order, Allocation, Back-Order) is auto-adjusted.
  • Once a work orders are complete, you can disassemble it, completely reversing the process.
  • Auto-replenish BOM dependent inventory via Purchase Orders triggers.

Sell assemblies on your B2C E-Commerce store, or via Amazon and Ebay

Demand Planning / Requisitions

Demand planning is tricky in the best of ERP systems. If you buy from over-seas where 60-90 day turn-around is common, getting inventory balance right is even more important. BizAutomation has created one of the most accurate yet easy to use demand planning systems small SMBs can really dig their teeth into.