Cloud ERP for the smaller SMB

Why BizAutomation for your Wholesale & Distribution business?

Supply chain and distribution management are constantly evolving, so if you want to compete you simply have to make efficiancy a priority. If you've outgrown products such as QuickBooks, or got in over your head with an enterprise product, then we might just be the perfect fit.

Order Management

Order management is the heart of any distribution business, so BizAutomation provides full control over the order process, including field and object and workflow control, insight into purchases in transit with arrival estimates, and much more - because when that customer on the phone asks about "lead time", the last thing you need is to depend on is a call to the purchase manager to find out (who might not be available).

Processing orders can sometimes be a challenge, but with BizAutomation’s support for real time credit card processing directly from the order via any number of supported processors including, PayPal, and more, you’ll never need a third party POS again.

Demand Planning / Requisitions

Demand planning is tricky in the best of ERP systems. If you buy from over-seas where 60-90 day turn-around is common, getting inventory balance right is even more important. This is why we created one of the most accurate yet easy to use demand planning systems small SMBs can really dig their teeth into.

Inventory Management

Each item type has different needs, and in BizAutomation all the item types are supported, including standard inventory, kitting, assemblies with BOMs, assets (which are rentable), and non-inventory / service items. Inventory levels are automatically adjusted for you across all locations and with a full audit trail.

External & Internal Location Management

Often referred to as Warehouse & Bin management, BizAutomation is designed to allow any number of locations including the aisle, rack, shelf, and bin, with each item belonging to multiple bins. Inventory transfer across locations is a breeze, no matter what type of inventory you’re transferring.

Partner Management

It’'s very common to manage multiple levels of partners, be they vendors, retailers, resellers, referral or affiliate partners, or even private label OEMs. BizAutomation has special features designed to help manage the often tricky aspects of tracking, reporting, incentivizing, and even handling sales commissions across partner levels.

B2B E-Commerce

Not a 3rd party connector but the real deal. Unlike B2C, B2B has its own nuances that are key to conducting business over your supply chain. For example, price rule layering based on login, affiliate and referral business crediting based on source links, and much more.

Business Process Automation

A flexible wizard that you can use to create “IF THEN” workflow. For example, say you want to trigger an email to go out to the warehouse manager when a particular status value is reached within an order (PO or SO).

Shipping Automation - no 3rd party app required

Call up your FedEx, UPS, and USPS shipping rates in real time while creating the sales order, or from a web store, then later issue shipping labels and tracking numbers directly from parcel service providers, right to your Zebra printer, and all without leaving the suite.