Cloud ERP for the smaller SMB
Sales Quotes, Bids, & Orders
Sales Order Channels

Discrete Orders: Configure order entry workflow based on your specific business needs. Display fields and columns, get live shipping rates. The end result is a customized process that’s as simple or complex as you need it to be. Later you can send any customized document derived from the order (which you can call anything you like such as Orders, or Order Confirmation) to your customers.

Order Templating & Cloning: Clone any order, or save order templates for reuse across common customer types. Build customer specific templates that inherit common line items and settings for reuse later.

Mass-Orders: Select items and build mass orders to filtered customer groups and lists from that cart...

Quotations: A flexible quote builder which you can custom label (e.g. Proposals, Estimate, etc..) can be prepared in seconds to automatically go out to your customer as a PDF, or drive a custom selling processes ending in deal lost or won scenario (i.e. order conversion).

Multi-Option Bidding: Bidding support multiple configurations with sub-totals can be grouped on the same bid so your buyer can shop compare base don options (e.g. Base Widget with base item 1 and 2 or you can opt to go with Base Widget with Most expensive item 1 and 2).

Web-Store Orders

Send internally generated orders to your BizAutomation B2B or B2C responsive web-store, or just receive all orders in for fulfillment directly from the store. Of course BizAutomation’s own web store sits on the same database so customers, items, price levels, promotion rules, categories, accounting, etc… are all leveraged through the benefits of referential integrity (i.e. single version of the truth !).

Web-Store Orders

Orders in each step of fulfillment are analyzed to make 100% sure you don’t pick an order that’s already been picked, or ship if a pack step hasn’t been completed. This way you can be assured that nothing falls through the cracks.

Picking Orders

If you inventory your widgets, first thing you’ll need to do after the order build, is pick orders. BizAutomation supports picking by Order, Batch, Wave, or Zone. You can pick on a tablet using the UI to click pick and un-picking, or a scan-gun on a smart phone. Either way, ALL items that need picking will be queued up, until they're picked, which then will queue them up for the next step in the process - packing.

Picking Orders
Packing Orders

Prepping items for packing means that as soon as they’re picked, they’ll be queued up for packing into boxes, pallets, or any other type of container so that your parcel or freight carrier can ship-em. BizAutomation’s fulfillment statuses ensure no item or order falls through the cracks.

Automated Box Selection: Every inventory item can be mapped referred box (or any definable container), so that when orders are created, BizAutomation automatically selects the right box for the right item, with the right quantity per box, saving you a step during the shipping fulfillment process.

Shipping Rates
Instantly rate-shop your favorite carriers !

BizAutomation supports both Parcel carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Canada Post) as well as LTL and FTL freight quoting. You can get rates during the order creation process (Internal orders, Quotation process, or from your BizAutomation web-store). You can also assign rates during mass fulfillment, so no matter what workflow you use, there’s an approach that fits. You can also rate shop, set margins on rates, and setup preferred shipping services for established customers.

Shipping Labels & Tracking #s
Allocate & release based on workflow !

BizAutomation let’s you generate a shipping labels and tracking # for Parcel carriers or BOL #s for freight carriers, depending on order, and customer. Printing labels off thermal printers is a snap. Tie allocation release to shipping (and financial impact to short term assets), then track ship status after release, right up to the point of delivery.

Invoice, Pay, and Close
The last part of order fulfillment

Process payments on order creation, or mass invoice during or after shipping. Maybe you want to execute mass payment via credit card or some other online payment method such as ACH. BizAutomation can easily help you do this, and with very little training which is particularly important if you’re a smaller enterprise.

Return Authorization (RMAs)
Post order fulfillment

Generate RMAs post fulfillment. Return items back to the original warehouse, or return to a different warehouse (maybe for defective processing). Issue credit memos or refund receipts documents to customers. If you use sales commissions, you can show financial impact of a return on commission statements, to issue commission credits from sales back to the organization on future sales.

Picking Orders
Price Levels

Price levels enable you to default assigned discounts off list or markups off one of many costing formulas, so when quotes or orders are being generated, the correct pricing is mapped to customers based on the tier in-which they belong. So for example you might price a widget one thing when quoting 1-10 units (or $1-100) for say the dealer-1 tier, and something else for your dealer-2 tier. Number of levels or tiers and naming convention is customizable.

Price Levels
Price Rules
Price Rules

Price wizards are formulas you apply to dimensions of an order, including customer and item tier. They also include a scoring system in order to resolve pricing conflict. So for example, you might setup a rule that discounts 10% off all grills for all tier-1 customers, but 11% for customer-x which is a VIP customer that also happens to be a tier-1 customer.

Promotion Management

Organizations need to constantly mix up their value proposition. With BizAutomation’s promotion engine you can build any number of promotions. Buy 1 get 1 free, Spend X get Y, but only this week, and requiring a coupon code, spend X and shipping is free, etc.. The combinations are almost as endless as your marketing team’s imagination.

Promotion Management