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retail industry
Why BizAutomation for organizations that need retail?

If retail makes up any part of your business, BizAutomation might be what you’re looking for. Aside from features and capabilities offered by the suite which every business needs (CRM, Accounting, ERP), here are some areas that might deserve a closer look if your business in involved in retail.

B2C E-Commerce

Not a connector to a 3rd party shopping-cart, but the real deal, part of the suite and on the same database. We typically ask our clients to find a Bootstrap template they like and have that implemented. Everything from inventory, warehouses, price, promotion, item grids, categories, shipping, and so on is available and leveraged from the suite, a big improvement over systems that connect to a cart via batch style gets (which is really all a web service can do at the end of the day).

POS type sales order entry

While not a substitute for full POS hardware stations (which would require 3rd party involvement) BizAutomation does offer an intuitive and quite customizable and dynamic sales order entry that can default to store location, accept credit card payments, support barcode item picking, and even drive all sales promotions from the promotions management module.

Volume sales & fulfillment

If you drive a lot of sales volume as is often the case with businesses that have lower cost per unit items, or low total amount orders, the sales and fulfillment process can become a bottleneck. To this end BizAutomation has done a lot of work to mass optimize everything from mass sales creation, to credit card processing, label printing, shipping, etc.. all via specific workflow tools design with volume in mind.

Multi-channel sales

Sales Orders made on Amazon or Ebay, generate sales orders on BizAutomation. Creating a tracking number and shipping label on BizAutomation and the tracking number is sent back to the online order. Inventory items that match on BizAutomation will automatically update quantity on hand within your online store.

Affiliate & Partner Management

Automatically tie referrals coming from your partner’s web site to their record in BizAutomation in order to credit them for the sale. With either e-commerce or internal orders you can credit partners down to the employee in order to write commissions checks (impacting your salaries and commissions ledger within accounting).

Sales Commissions

Incentivize internal employees as well as partners with support for sales commissions. A comprehensive set of features and capabilities await, and all of it works with areas of the suite you’d expect it to, such as order management and accounting.

Demand Planning / Requisitions

Demand planning is tricky in the best of ERP systems. If you buy from over-seas where 60-90 day turn-around is common, getting inventory balance right is even more important. BizAutomation has created one of the most accurate yet easy to use demand planning systems small SMBs can really dig their teeth into.