Cloud ERP for the smaller SMB

Whether you’re a pure-play service based organization, or are both a products and services business, BizAutomation will enable you to manage the full bid to bill process. And with no “editions” or upgrade leveraging, you can continue to evolve your business without having to worry about unpredictable software costs.

Project & Management

Our project management is similar to other leading edge project systems, but unlike other tools allows more granular control or pre and post order processes, ideal for businesses that seek greater control and fine tuning of organized tasks at the heart of all projects.

Profit & Loss Accounting

Project management will enable you manage reusable templates consisting of milestones, stages, and tasks, which can be modified for one-off custom projects. Tasks can be assigned to internal and external resources. Track profitability and costs tied to profits and expenses from sales orders, purchase orders, and payroll expenses.

Resource Optimization - Optimize project schedules and resource capacities, to consistently come in on-time and on-budget

Manage, schedule, and plan your projects throughout the enterprise. Insight into people and resource capacities by team or specialty will enable project managers to define project plans that yield the fewest time to completion resulting in higher profits, happy clients, and repeat business down the road.

Resource Performance Evaluation & Productivity

Review performance across teams, individual resources, and project processes. Find out who’s over performing, under-performing, and how each resource’s productivity is impacting the bottom line.

Invoicing, Billing & Timesheet Management

Tie line items from invoices and bills in order to contribute to project income and expense. Automatically calculate non-billable payroll against time spent by internal and external resources on tasks within a project, based on their ability to start, resume, and complete assigned responsibilities. Set time contracts with balances that can be consumed by time spent on tasks.

Collaboration similar to online forums

Post and receive comments within activities, project tasks, sales opportunities with other employees, external consultants, and clients. BizAutomation automatically keep everyone in the loop via email alerts.

Recurring Billing

Assign a master order and quote and/or invoice, which replicates on a recurring schedule. Get full insight from your order list as to when the next billing date is scheduled to happen, and for how much. Master orders contain full audit trails of child orders.

Contract Management

Contract management supports several types of contracts, but we’ll be talking about billable time contracts here. With them you can sell your customer time, and then use that against project tasks, activities, and other records as needed. Because it’s integrated with email automation, assigning time against a scheduled meeting results in BizAutomation automatically alerting your client about the progress that just transpired, the time it took, and the balance left on the contract (We use this quite often during the implementation process at BizAutomation).