Cloud ERP for the smaller SMB

BizAutomation supports kits, which are virtual items made up of other items. A kit’s quantity on hand adjust based on the items it contains. So a “bag of widgets”, where you need 1 bag and 5 widgets with 1 bag and 100 widgets shows 1 on-hand, where 100 bags you’d show 50 on-hand. This is because inventory is limited by the least common denominator.

Assemblies & Bills Of Material (BOMs)

BizAutomation supports assemblies which can be nested multiple levels deep. Assemblies become “Finished Goods” and contain the bill of materials aka “BOM” (e.g. Wheels needed to assemble a bicycle). Unlike a kit, which contribute to on-hand based on the items it contains, assemblies contribute to on-hand only after they’re built, thus becoming finished goods you can sell off the shelf.

Work Orders (WOs)

BizAutomation includes a Work Order module that grows and shrinks based on new and completed builds. WOs contain the list of Assemblies and BOMs awaiting production. When Assemblies are sent to the WO queue, BOM qty is placed on-allocation, and assembly qty is placed on-order. When WOs are marked “complete”, assemblies becomes sellable finished goods, so qty on-order goes down, and BOM allocation is released.

Material Resource Planning (MRP)

Keeping your pipeline of BOMs from going on back-order is what BizAutomation’s MRP is designed to do. Selling un-buildable goods delay production and sales which are not revenue generating conditions. BizAutomation’s MRP takes into account production pipeline demand as well as demand from other departments such as sales, accounts for vendor lead times, and inventory formulas, to keep things moving in the right direction.

Benefits & Capabilities

  • Build to Stock

    Building to stock allows you to send quantities of assemblies to be sent directly to the work order queue, or if preferred can bypass it altogether and simply make required inventory adjustments.

  • Build to Order

    Build to order can be initiated while generating a Sales Order, when the finished good is added to the order. BizAutomation supports defaulting builds from the order, or enabling the user to decide.

  • Configure to Order

    BizAutomation supports the ability to configure an assembly during the ordering process (which can be an internal Quote, Order, or Configured by a shopper on BizAutomation Ecommerce store front), in order to send the final configuration to the Work Order queue for production.

  • Serialization & Lot#s

    Select from available BOM Serial and Lot#s while completing a work order build, and assign a new # to produced Finished Goods.

  • Kitting Substitutions

    Ability to change out kit members while building a quote, bid, or sales order process.

  • Disassembly

    Ability to disassemble a Finished Good, after production, with all requisite accounting and inventory entry reversals.

  • Pricing Roll-up

    Ability to set price on Kits & Assemblies at the parent level, or base it on sub-total of child items (which can include labor and other non-inventory), BOMs, or final child-item configuration.