Cloud ERP for the smaller SMB
Why use BizAutomation’s Business portal ?

Self-Service enablement is one of the most important technology ROIs because it promotes cohesion and repeat business with both your supply and demand chains – the foundation of long term profits. Unlike many enterprise ERP systems, BizAutomation gives you all 3 portal dimensions - within a single affordable license.

Customer Portal - Enables your customers to:
  • Pay amounts due from open invoices.
  • Create and track their own support cases, quotes, sales orders, RMAs, and projects.
  • Update their customer profile (e.g. – a customer can update their own billing and shipping information).
  • View their full transaction history (e.g. - sales orders, invoices, quotes, payments, and much more).
  • Collaborate in Action Item, Case, and Project threads.
Partner Portal - Enables your partners to track:
  • Sales commissions.
  • Assigned Leads. Prospects & Accounts
  • Master distributor partners can track assigned resellers, dealers, and other affiliated relationships.
  • Support Cases and Projects.
  • Sales Quotes, Orders, & Sales RMAs.
  • Sub-contractor partners can enter their Time & Expense.
  • Collaborate in Action Item, Case, and Project threads.
Vendor Portal - Enables your vendors to:
  • Track vended items and their respective inventory levels.
  • Track Purchase RMAs.
  • Create purchase requisitions based on re-order point triggers, which you can convert into Purchase Orders later, or Purchase Orders, pending final internal processing.
  • Collaborate in Action Item, Case, and Project threads.
Optimize your Business Portal Licensing ROI

When you invest in portal licensing, you need to track usage patterns, because unlike your employees, the the people you do business with don’t always report what they’re doing on your business platform.

That’s why we offer the ability to track usage across external users. You’ll be able to see who logged in, and how often, from most used to least, so you can un-subscribe those logins that aren’t using the license to your satisfaction, in order to re-purpose that license for another relationship where it might do more good.