Cloud ERP for the smaller SMB
Complete Accounting Business Tested, CPA Approved

We often get asked if BizAutomation connects to QuickBooks or some other accounting system, to which we respond “You don’t need to”.

BizAutomation accounting is a full featured, secure, GAAP compliant, and reliable accounting system. Lots of businesses and their CPAs, Accountants, and Bookkeepers reliably run their financials on it, so you can feel secure in the fact that your books will be in good hands.

Unified Financials

Mass Purchase Orders
General Ledger (GL)

The GL holds all the transactions and journal entries on which financial reports are generated. Because BizAutomation provides the same search and filtering tools we use on other list views, finding any transaction is as easy as looking up a customer record, with full drill down to the origin of the transaction, and column filtering.

Accounts Receivable (A/R)

Bring your collections processes into the 21st century. BizAutomation's A/R automates and streamlines every aspect of invoice delivery, credit terms, and collections management.

A/R Portlet available on the financial dashboard

Accounts Receivable

A/P Portlet available on the financial dashboard

Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable (A/P)

Minimize the time and effort it takes to process bills from vendors. Automate vendor terms, and the calculation of discounts. Eliminate manual data entry and associated errors.

Online Payment Processing

BizAutomation provides you flexible payment options, including support for PayPal, ACH or credit cards, whether your business accepts payments through online self-checkout or within internal sales orders. You can also send email templates with a link to a payment page for self payment. From undeposited funds, you’ll see the status of credit card payments (Pending or Settled) so you know exactly when it’s time to transfer from undeposited funds to your bank account.

Online Payment Processing
Employee & Partner Sales Commissions
Employee & Partner Sales Commissions Incentive management that will generate results

BizAutomation’s commission management is a flexible incentive tool that lets you create powerful commission rules to automate the process of calculating and scheduling sales commission – automatically from your orders - not only for your own employees but non-staff 1099 sub-contractors, affiliates, and partners.